Roadshow trailer

Roadshow trailer

The latest trend of offline promotions that works perfectly in practice

Roadshow trailer is the ideal tool for direct marketing communication. It allows your brand, products or services to directly target consumers.

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Direct marketing communication

Roadshow trailer allows to directly target desired consumers

With its versatile use, the promotional trailer allows you to create an experience, tailored to your needs and dimensions. The biggest advantage, of course is that we can reach the largest number of consumers at national and even international level with the optimized costs, with which we make a significant increase of ROI.


Why is the promotion with a roadshow trailer unique? What do you get with this kind of promotion of your brand?


Dosežite par minutno aktivacijo potrošnika z vašo blagovno znamko

Unforgettable user experience

Based on “experience”, which means you create an activation of the consumer with your brand in couple of minutes, which is difficult to achieve with offline or online advertising.

Ciljno oglaševanje

Fully targeted promotions

To fully target your brand with messages that are important for you, which can also mean completely targeted for each region or place in Slovenia.

Merljivi rezultati

Measurable promotion effects

Measurable effects of promotion through a trained team that measures all the steps.

Pospeševanje prodaje

Accelerated sales

Excellent effects on sales (prize pool for collecting contacts, coupons with special offers, etc.)

Optimizirani stroški promocije

Reduced promotion costs

Because this is a “mobile location ” that allows you to instantly contact consumers, thus creating more activation with the consumer than with conventional marketing approaches. Also, because branding and assembly costs are just a one-time expence.

All you need to know about the trailer


Rental options

Roadshow trailer can be rented on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. You can rent it alone, but we can also prepare the whole caravan campaign and also carry it out. With the latter, we also provide a team of experienced promoters and all the remaining props and work tools (sound system, uniforms, wheel of fortune, etc.), making it easier to control the promotion, as only one contractor is involved.



The appearance of the promotional trailer can be completely transformed according to the guidelines of your CGP scheme. Not only can we put branded elements in the trailer, which we are accustomed to using in classic forms of promotions, but also the whole trailer can be covered with your graphics, logo or slogan that you communicate with. It also makes it possible to attach various applicative elements to it, for example, enhanced 3D models of your products, which can also affect the shape of the trailer and bring it closer to your brand. By doing so, the visual itself attracts consumers and enables us to associate them with your products or services in the purchasing process.



Since the roadshow trailer is mobile, we can easily get it almost anywhere, which means that we can bring your marketing messages to all corners of the country and even across. As a result, your promotion is as close as possible to the widest possible range of consumers, which classic approaches can not achive, as there are too many location barriers, which, however, do not pose any challenge to the promotional trailer. We simply bring it on location and the promotion can begin.


Communication forms

The provided use of the trailer is unlimited. With it, we can perform sampling, image promotion, sales promotion with prizes or giveaways. whatever you need to elevate your brand to a higher level.


Optimisation of expenses

Any roadshow campaign is, of course, more friendly to budgets, because branding and assembly is just one-time cost, which allows you to save money, which you can use by adding additional locations or invest it in further activities.

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